Vision & Mission



To provide tangible, practical, compassionate and spiritual support to those who are socioeconomically disenfranchised, empowering them to use their adversities to maximize their potential and transform their mode of living into purpose fulfilling, God glorifying lives.


To develop and implement responsive programs to facilitate individuals in identifying and fulfilling individual purpose, regardless of their creed, color, race and spiritual beliefs.

      • To create, establish and maintain a solid, efficient and effective infrastructure and governance.
      • To provide access to outcome-oriented information and educational training that will allow them to move from systemic poverty into the abundant and overflowing life that the Lord created for them.
      • To provide resources that will meet other identified socioeconomic needs.
      • To build a strong network of committed individuals, corporations, community leaders etc. to support and facilitate the achievement of the vision thereby advancing the kingdom, bringing healing to the church and the nations.


      • To embrace those who are down and out
      • To ensure a future and build hope
      • To encourage godly living
      • To help transform communities


      • To help meet the needs of the spiritually and economically challenged- locally, nationally and internationally.
      • To provide the target population with education and training regarding how to move from systemic poverty into systemic prosperity.
      • To offer annual empowerment training conferences.
      • To provide periodic seminars and workshops for the development of ministry leaders, men, women and children.
      • To provide food, clothing and access to shelter at the local, national and international levels.
      • To work with community leaders to help build strong, healthy communities by fostering a culture of shared responsibility.
      • To help transform communities, to redeem and transform lives to become productive citizens.
      • To bring healing and hope to every area of ones life with fresh approaches and instilling hope for inner healing.
      • To engage in fundraising activities to help with the ministry‚Äôs operational costs.

We conscientiously engage in:

    • Feeding the hungry
    • Clothing the naked
    • Visiting the sick
    • Ministering to the spiritual needs of the inner man